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Consumer Leadership Forum of DC

Helping Consumers Help Themselves
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1. We seek an end our isolation and we refuse to have our existence limited

2. We-seek a community that looks after the health and well-being of each individual, that respects the choices we make about our lives and our care

3. We seek an improved system of crisis care and continuous care, where holistic healing, progress, and recovery are the key components. We need services that are individualized and self-directed as well as community supports such as consumer-driven respite and wellness centers

4. We seek to engage with one another and to create a grassroots movement where we can support one another and keep our morale high. To forge our own identit as individuals and as a movement, separate and distinct from the provider community, but working in partnership with those who support us

5. We seek a system that is driven by the needs, choices, and voices of consumers, not large pharmaceutical companies, providers, and others in positions of power.

6. We seek a system of natural supports, where we can recognize that it is ok to fail to make mistakes, to test new ground for ourselves in all that we do and in safety
move beyond the system

7. We seek an end to homelessness among persons with mental illness, and the creation of a network of affordable housing

8. We seek to support and encourage consumer-run businesses and enterprises and to foster job opportunities

9. We seek a community that respects the diversity within our movement and protects our traditions through a culture of competency and understanding. We seek to support families, youth and individuals to prevent isolation from one
another and to provide training and information so that our community is empowered to cope with the unique challenges we face.

10. We will seek support from communities that are willing to partner with us and respect our choices and goals.