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Each and every CLF member has stories to tell based on their own personal experiences dealing with mental illness dealing with the DC Mental Health System.


Each of us has wisdom to share as a result of this experience, and to lend insight about what is working, what is not working and what we can do as mental health advocates, and leaders in our mental health community to advocate for change. Each of us has experienced the stigma and pain associated with being diagnosed with mental illness. It is time to put an end to this discrimination. We, the members of CLF, believe strongly that each and every one of us deserves the right to be treated with dignity and respect


 Key Presentation Topics


 In Our Own Voice is a unique recovery education presentation that offers hope and provides insight into the recovery now possible for people with mental illness. IOOV is often a transformative experience for presenters, who are empowered by giving voice to their struggles and successes. Presenters cover issues they frequently face while living with mental illness as they delve into the following topics: