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Consumer Leadership Forum of DC

Helping Consumers Help Themselves
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A: We received our 501-C-3 status in April 2006.

A: We have three directors, Jeanne Locher, Dorothy Adams and John Lynch.

Q: Who does the newsletter and when did the first edition come out?
A: Leah Harris does the newsletter and our first edition was done in October 2006.

Q: When does the CLF have their meeting?
A: The CLF have their meeting the first Friday of every month.

Q: Where do they meet?
A: The meeting is currently being held at McClendon Center, 1313 New York Avenue NW, on
the 5th Floor.

Q: What does the group talk about?
A: We speak on issues that deal with mental illness and and other resources that can help consumers empower themselves. We deal with housing, crisis care, treatment plans, how to advocate for themselves and we testify before the congress to make a different in how consumers are being treated.

Q: Do we have jobs available?
A: At this time we do not have jobs available but we are working toward employment in the near future.

Q: How can this group help me?
A: CLF can assist you with referrals and resource information to agencies that can help you.

Q: What type of people comes to this group?
A: We have people from all different backgrounds and ethic. This group is only for consumers and the people that we invite to speak at the meetings.

Q: Who runs the group?
A: We have different consumers run different meetings. We share the responsibility of facilitating the meetings. We have several meetings throughout the month at different locations. We are hoping to have a central location in the near future for all the meetings.

Q: How can this group help me?
A: This group will teach consumers how to advocate for themselves and help assist them in their recovery. We have guest speakers come in several times a year to talk to the group about issues that will help them learn how to advocate for themselves. We share personal stories to help consumers learn different ways of coping with issues in their lives. CLF focus on helping consumers make better choices for what they believe in and to empower them to build on their strengths.