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Consumer Leadership Forum of DC

Helping Consumers Help Themselves
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The Consumer Leadership Forum is a coalition group of DC Mental Health Consumer Advocates. We are a mixed group, men, and woman, rich in ethnic diversity, strengths, vision, creativity, courage and determination. We are bonded together by a common purpose, a common goal of wanting to reform our DC Mental Health System. Our ultimate goal is to create a system of compassionate care that is peer-led, consumer driven based on a recovery model.

The CLF have several task forces in place right now where we come together monthly and meet We discuss issues around mental illness, housing, crisis care, outreach, homelessness, medical care, education, employment and: advocating for ourselves. CLF is in the process of submitting a proposal for the Consumer Focused Activities Center. We would like to see the DC Mental Health System with a center that will supply all the basic needs of consumers, whether ft is a health issue or just learning how to survive and cope in today's society.

As the Executive Director I would personal like to see consumers advocating for themselves, working part-time/full tune, learning how to manage their financial responsibilities, better choices for medical treatment/programs and most of all, for them to be able to cope with the symptoms of their illness in a more positive way. In the up coming year, the CLF will focus more on giving trainings and workshops to consumers to help them build, personal skills, leadership skills, speaking in public, how to deal with a crisis peer support, recovery, coping skills, personal stories and much more. CLF will be providing certificates for consumers who participate in these training and workshops.

CLF meets the first Friday of every month at McClendon Center, which is located at 1313 New York Ave., NW, on the 5* floor. We seek to empower each other and in empowering each other we want to help consumers help themselves.